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The ugly duckling ready to be transformed into a VW Trike

VW Sub-section removal (Photo 2)


The sub-section has been removed

Customized VW 1600 trike engine (Photo 3)


The new engine all dressed up with a bit of bling

Rear timber tray on trike (Photo 4)

Some timber, twisted steel and chrome

Trikes leading link forks (Photo 6) width=

A 'leading link' front end. Strong, comfortable and easy to build

Front View of trike (Photo 5)

100mm (4") HID driving lights

Tank & Dashboard (Photo 7)

FatBob tank, Harley Davidson dash, leather tank pouch and gauge console

Side View of trike (Photo 8)

OK bartender...serve 'em up!

Full view of trike (Photo 9)

A thing of beauty! My Big Yella trike