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Unpainted trike forks (Image 1)

A bare Leading Link Front End. These trike forks are the preferred style accepted by many DOT authorities based on strength.

Full view of trike forks (Image 2)

A strong, good looking set of trike forks that can be built at home much easier than girders or springers and can be adjusted for ride comfort.

Triple trees (Image 3)

 I designed the triple trees to be made simply, strong and appealing to the eye.

Trikes headlight bracket (Image 4)

The headlight, driving lights and leather tool bag.

Front coils mounting bracket (Image 5)

View showing the axle assembly, coil spring mount and fender support on the front end.

Close-up of mounting bracket (Image 6)

The lower pivoting frame incorporates brass bushes and nylon spacers for smooth operation and minimal lateral movement.

Trikes front calliper (Image 7)

A Kawasaki calliper for the front brake. This satisfies legal requirements only. (Wouldn't stop this beast in a hurry)

Leading link pivoting frame (Image 8)

The tail-end of the pivoting frame showing the front fender bracket. Like a magicians 'trick with mirrors' the chrome reflection gives the appearance of transparency.

Trikes front fender bracket (Image 9)

A close-up of the bracket. The clearance between the fender and the bracket looks cleaner.