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The plug has been made and now the mould for the trike's front fender is laid up using lightweight mat, finished with heavier grade mat.

Trike fender moulds (Photo 2)

The full set - 'plug', 'mould' and the front trike fender.

The finished front trike fender painted and fitted.

The plug for the rear trike fender has been waxed and polished to a mirror finish and allowed to sit for 48hrs prior to the 'lay-up'.

Laying-up the mould for the rear trike fender over the plug. The mould should be twice the thickness of the end product.

'Rolling out' the rear fender mould. Layers should be properly rolled-out to break the mat fibres. This allows better shaping to the mould contours and expels air bubbles.

The finished mould for the rear trike fender is ready for 'break-away' after 24 hrs curing and then given another 48 hrs before use.

Laying-up the rear trike fender. Lightweight matting is used first, then finished with a heavier weight mat..

The finished rear trike fender. Stiffening underneath the fender gives rigidity and mounting.