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Big Yella VW trike rear view Big Yella VW Trike Fat Bob petrol tank Big Yella VW Trike deck lid
Big Yella VW Trike rear petrol tank Big Yella Trike custom built VW 1600 engine

How to Build a VW Trike  

Imagine riding a trike like Big Yella, anytime you want and anywhere you want. It looks great. It sounds great and it handles brilliantly. I have ridden 2 wheelers for many years, but riding a trike is something special. Comfort, style and performance. Riding a trike should be on your 'bucket list' of things to do even if you have hire one for the day.

Phil Parry is my name and a technical illustrator by profession. I engineered and built this trike in my small home garage. And you could too.

The Big Yella Story
After replacing the engine in my daughters 1965 VW Beetle, I wondered what to do with the old VW 1200cc Beetle engine now sitting and bleeding oil over my garage floor. As I admired the simplistic mechanical genius of Ferdinand Porsche's creation and feeling sorry at the thought of discarding it on some rubbish dump, it was at that moment I thought, I'll build a VW trike' And so the journey began.

All the design, fabrication, engine works, electrical wiring, spray painting, fibre-glassing, timber and wrought iron work, in fact everything you see, I did in that basic home garage and there is no reason why you could not as well.

A Serious Guide to Building a VW Trike
Build your own Big Yella trike and enjoy the thrill of the ride like many customers worldwide have done.
'A Serious Guide to Building A VW Trike' will show you step by step how to convert a VW Beetle rear end into a stunning trike like Big Yella, based on hands-on experience.

'A Serious Guide to Building A VW Trike' will save you time, money and frustration. Do it right the first time.