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Build this trike

Don't dream it

Imagine riding this beauty, anytime you want, anywhere you want. It looks great. It sounds great and handles great.

Phil Parry is my name. I'm a Technical Illustrator and I designed and built this trike in my modest home garage. You can too.

Big Yella Story

 After replacing the engine in my daughters '65 VW Beetle, I wondered what to do with the old
VW 1200* engine now bleeding oil over my garage floor. I know, I'll build a VW trike I thought. And so the journey began.

All the design, fabrication, engine work, timber and wrought iron work, in fact everything you see, I did in that modest home garage. And you could too.

A Serious Guide banner

Build your own Big Yella trike. You can do it at home. To help you through the process 'A Serious Guide to Building A VW Trike' will show you step by step how to convert an old VW Beetle into a stunning trike. Get started today.

"The three great essentials to achieving anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; and the third, common sense" (Thomas Alva Edison)

* The 1200cc engine that started the whole thing off... never got used.
I sold it and built the highly modded 1600 as seen.